History of WizAnn

We are often asked "How did WizAnn start?" and "Where did the name come from?" WizAnn has been around longer than any other school except Knowledge Point. When we started in 1996 there were quite a few schools around. The main ones at that time were Knowledge Point, Paddington, Green Badge and Knowledge College. The problem with the information provided at the time was that it was considered out of date and inaccurate, it was these issues that WizAnn felt they could address. We did so by creating a book called “Taxi the Complete Knowledge” it contained all 400 runs required at that time as well as cross sections, street maps and suburb runs. We also posted out monthly updates and changes. We always did short print runs so all amendments could be added to the new books before the next print. This format has continued to this day and means WizAnn’s Publications are the latest and most up-to-date print version possible The name WizAnn is an amalgamation of the founding partners names, the WizAnn logo is based around the concept of Ying Yang, half representing knowledge and the image of a bird to represent street pigeons of London. Dean Warrington started the knowledge on the 12th April 1994 and was handed his badge 9th April 1996. Whilst doing the knowledge he complied the book and started selling to his friends. Initially WizAnn just sold from home and held impromptu talks and classes there. Demand was such that a small school soon followed in Cording Street E14 in 1998.

We soon outgrew this and needed a much bigger and better environment in which to continue. We moved to new 2000 sqft premises in Watts Grove E3 around 2001.

Around this time Dean met Steven Archer who had been using a new software package called MapVision + and adding points to their map locations. Nothing like this existed before and was the first major ground breaking software to be of use for the knowledge. Dean acquired the program rights from Microsoft and MapVision + became an essential piece of kit to study with.

We then went on to introduce computer software as a study aid called Point Partner and Run Partner. We worked with Alan Goudge who did the excellent programming work as we continued to push back boundaries. Our daily point sheets were the first to introduce postcodes, then door numbers, dropped points as well as in between levels such as 56-28s and 28-21s. Over the years we have innovated even more changes and our sheets now show banker questions, times asked and extra information regarding the true nature of the question. We then began to outgrow Watts Grove and needed to expand again opening our Gillender Street school 5000 sqft in 2012. We also introduced the first study apps for Apple Tablets - WizPoints and WizBooks, which have proven to be game changers in the way we study and control all the information we collect. This time we worked with Alex White creating these fantastic apps. Gillender Street lease turned out to be short lived as the developers decided to move in, so once again we needed to move. Our current location is next to City Airport, which we feel is by far the best facility we have ever had. Lots of natural light, perfect sound absorption from the carpeted walls and a very spacious layout. In 2017 we released another app for both Android and Apple phones called WizRadius, this app takes care of the final piece of the study puzzle. In 2018 we will also be releasing complete new versions of our points app and books app for both Android and Apple. We hope to continue pushing back the boundaries of study on the knowledge for many years to come. WizAnn is run by Dean Warrington and Fiona Kelsall

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