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WIzRadius app comes with 1 years worth of free updates, If you wish to continue receiving updates you can order this file for a further years worth of point and data update.


Updates for all our app books are available for free for one year. The one year free date starts when you purchase your first app book. Buying further books does not increase your update duration. Further updates can be purchased after one year.


During your one year update period all the books you own will update.


After one year you will not be able to change device without an update


When you purchase an update it will update all books owned as well as any further books purchased within the one year update period.


It does not guarantee all books are updated to that days information, it is only to the latest information that we have acquired. If you notice something that is still out of date please inform us and we can then update that particular issue that we may not be aware needs updating.

WizRadius 1 Year update

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