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Rambles are the perfect way to explore London and its intricate routes and categories of places. From the Livery Ramble and Football Ramble, to the Theatre Ramble, Embassy Ramble, and Hospital Ramble, these routes provide an opportunity to learn the categories of points and intricate routes that go with them. Save money by buying all rambles in a bulk discount and enjoy exploring London and absorbing the detail.

WizRuns App Rambles

  • WizRuns works on ONE DEVICE only, please register your preferred device

    You must register using the purchase email you used when buying


    For Android download the app here


    For Apple download here


    If it's your first book on this app you will need to register your device.

    This is done by opening the app, then long press the UPDATE button bottom right. Enter your email and wait for approval.


    If your device is already approved then just wait for us to activate your new book.

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