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Wiz Links

Wiz-Links 320 runs from the ending of one bluebook run to the beginning of the next.


1 Gibson Square (N1) to
Thornhill Square (N1)

2 Queen Square (WC1) to
Chancery Lane Station (WC1)

3 Rolls Rd (SE1) to
Pages Walk (SE1)

4 Saint Martin’s Theatre (WC2) to
Australia House (WC2)

These can be used whilst out on your runs to make the route between each run more direct, but their best use is for beginners Point to Point. Whilst you are completing your Blue Book runs you can practise point to point based on these titles.
Sit at a map and try to name the route from these questions without looking at the map, once completed check your answer and compare it to the answer in the book.

The runs can range from extremely easy to seriously advanced level

Paper Wiz-Links

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  •  WizAnn products are printed to order, this means the information contained will be as recent and as up to date as possible. If anything in the book is out of date at the time of purchase please let us know and we will send you the updated information. Changes that occur after the book is purchased and dispatched can be bought from the Updates page on our site

    We welcome your feedback and are always here to answer any questions you may have regarding the information within the book. If you feel the route given in any of our books is not the optimum please contact us. We will explain why this route is chosen or immediately update the run to suit the improved version.

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