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This Bluebook Forward is the first step to becoming a London Taxi Driver. With 320 bluebook routes issued by TFL, this book is vital for the process. The WizRuns App Version is available for both Apple and Android devices, and comes with free updates for 1 year. This will update all the books you own in your WizRunsApp, and the updates timeline starts from the date of your first purchased book. Subsequent purchased books do not renew your update period.

WizRuns App Bluebook Runs

Bluebook 320 Runs, 80 runs per book
  • WizRuns works on ONE DEVICE only, please register your preferred device

    You must register using the purchase email you used when buying

    For Android download the app here


    For Apple download here

    If it's your first book on this app you will need to register your device.

    This is done by opening the app, then long press the UPDATE button bottom right. Enter your email and wait for approval.

    If your device is already approved then just wait for us to activate your new book.

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