This is an update for the Apple App WizBooks.


These updates are for the original person who purchased the books. They are non transferable to other accounts.


It will update all the Bluebook modules you have previously purchased for the apple app


It will be emailed to you and loaded in the same way you loaded your books. You must use an email address that is suitable. Hotmail, Outlook, MSN and Live will not work as they are all Microsoft addresses that have had security added to them to prevent loading. Gmail, Yahoo and Icloud are all fine.


To obtain your free update you need to email This update is only for accounts found in the database. It will not update all runs in all books for older purchases.

E Books WizBooks App Update

SKU: WizBooks 20
  • We aim to email you your code and instructions for installing within 1 day. This is a digital product that works with WizAnn Apps. They are non refundable as the app as free and fully operational product. Please use the free app fully before purchasing so you are aware of all the aspects and capabilities the particular app can perform.


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